Exclusive products and fast delivery

In our plants, we guarantee different services for the realization of custom products and finished products. From sample creation to finished product, we guarantee exclusive design products.

The wide range of materials available at Stock Service also allows us to respond to customer requests in a quick way, always ensuring the efficiency of our services.

Our Services

In addition to flocking processes, Antilotex Flock also performs services of finishing and customization of products for the leather, window dressing, bookbinding, and packaging sectors, using high-tech tools.


We produce many kinds of punching on textile, paper, canvas, knitting, and other materials on customer’s request. The service can also be performed for small quantities.

Self-adhesive making

For a minimum order of 5 meters, we carry out the adhesive service with acrylic glue on many of our available fabrics.


On request, we also realize a self-adhesive applying a special glue that can be activated with a temperature of at least 90 degrees.


We personalize and enrich different types of fabrics with quilting service. The ideal to create a unique and exclusive design.


Our machines realize perforations and punching of fabrics with the possibility to customize shapes and distances between the holes.


We finish fabrics and leathers with artificial resin processes to protect the product, eliminating the risk of fraying.


We create embossed designs on the fabrics, customizing every customer request. The process is carried out through the impression of cylinders and plates on the material.


Among our services, we also guarantee format cutting for paper-coupled materials and height cutting of roll materials.

Foil application

With this service of fabric customization, we realize laminations with designs and patterns, but also total roofing.


We embellish and make unique fabrics through embroidery. Each embroidery can be customized according to the customer’s requests.

Water-repellent treatment

To make waterproof fabrics and products, we have developed a safe water repellent treatment.

Various prints

Each fabric can be customized and enriched with flock print designs, through the use of paper transfers or cylinder.

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