High standards flocked and processed fabrics

We are leaders in the production of flocked fabrics and processed materials for different sectors. Thanks to continuous research and investments in innovation for tools and working methods, we work in several fields: flocking, coatings, prints, packaging, and professional sceneries.

Innovative bookbinding and paper converting

We have developed our industrial skills in search of more modern and technological processing methods. This has led us to develop cutting-edge products for the sectors of paper design.

Our customers rely on us for the acquisition of materials suitable for bookbinding and covering, internal and external, albums and books of fine workmanship. In this sector, we have introduced new materials, offering an increasingly wide range of choices.

Packaging and Design

We create luxury packaging for important and international brands. Based on the needs and demands of individual customers, we produce customized solutions for packaging.

In the development of each product, we combine the research of design to innovative materials, new colors, techniques of processing, and printing of fabrics.

Quality leather goods

For years we have been collaborating with leather goods companies developing new sustainable and quality flocked and imitation leather materials. Through our skills, we help to make each product unique.

With our materials you can cover, inside and outside, bags and fashion accessories such as wallets, belts, and bags. Each product can be customized also requiring services, such as punctures and treatments.

Professional window dressing

For setting up shop windows, commercial activities, and offices we realize products able to enhance and customize every space. We develop tailor-made solutions that combine design with elegance and reliability.

We also make products and materials to create and set up professional sceneries in different sectors. The goal is to make each place unique, creating a perfect frame.

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