Ethical and sustainable production

Our production pursues sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact. We are engaged in the elimination of dangerous substances from our activity. We value the use of recycled material, in a virtuous path of a circular economy.

We know that a company, to be truly ethical and sustainable, must respect the health of its employees and customers through the creation of quality and safe products.


Together with Consorzio Detox for sustainable production

In June 2019 we signed the Detox commitment, promoted by Greenpeace, joining the Consorzio italiano implementazione Detox. With a group of textile companies, we work together to develop and share sustainable processes throughout the supply chain.

We are also committed to supporting the transparency and traceability of textile production, showing how our sector can be sustainable, without sacrificing the quality and reliability of Made in Italy.

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Our certifications

Our commitment to sustainable production is also demonstrated by the path we have taken to obtain certifications in the textile sector.

The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification attests to an eco-sustainable production, responsible and free of harmful substances. On request, we produce Oeko tex textiles.

Global Recycled Standard is the certification that promotes the responsible development and traceability of the textile sector, encouraging the reduction of resource consumption through the recycling of textile waste.

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By joining the CID we continue our commitment to the reduction of chemical substances from production, with a view to a chain with reduced environmental impact. The results emerge from the continuous analyses we carry out.

FSC certification® guarantees that our products are made with raw materials certified to its standards, deriving from environmentally friendly forest management, socially useful, and economically sustainable.

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